Tele - overview of telephone and data network installations

The programme PCSCHEMATIC Tele is specially designed for creating an overview and documentation of tele and data network installations.

Local numbers, terminals, distribution frames, main distribution frames, cables, patchings, plugs, and who uses which local numbers - PCSCHEMATIC Tele enables you to create and maintain an overview of all this.

Therefore, the programme also includes specially designed dialog boxes for typing in different types of information, and for how to connect these data. As a basic principle, changes in the installation are only updated at one place at one time.

Data only need to be updated once

To make the programme as simple to work with as possible, all information about the tele/data installation is placed in one single database. Each piece of information is only stored at one place, and therefore only have to be updated at this very place - and not several other places - when changes are made.

The program is a multi-user system, where different employees can change data for the same installation at the same time. All users are therefore updated with the latest changes instantly.

Clear overview and fast to work with

In the programme, it has been a top priority to present all types of information as simple as possible. For instance in the Equipment index window, which contains all distribution frames, terminals etc. The overview of these are here presented in a tree-structure - just like you know it from the Windows Explorer.

Furthermore, it has also been of great importance to make the program as fast to work with as possible, for instance by applying commonly known Windows principles such as drag and drop - eg. when connecting cables.

Always updated reports

Reports containing data from the installation are generated directly from the database. The user therefore always gets the latest changes in the reports.

The programme automatically generates many different reports, such as for instance a so-called route description, which graphically displays the route from the main distribution frame to the individual plugs - via distribution frames, cables and so on.

Furthermore, you can generate distribution frame reports, cable reports, patch panel reports, local numbers reports, and reports over performed changes. These reports are generated as clear as possible visually. All reports can be printed, or saved as PDF files.

Get your Excel data transferred to PCSCHEMATIC Tele

Users, that already have existing documentation in for instance Microsoft Excel (R), can have these data transferred to PCSCHEMATIC Tele by contacting PCSCHEMATIC A/S.

Beyond this, special courses in the program are offered. You can therefore quickly get started using the programme, for creating and maintaining an overview of your tele- and data installations.