Managing and routing cables

With PCSCHEMATIC Cablemanager you – and all involved parties – always have an overview over all elements in the cable framework at construction projects. During projecting, installation and subsequent maintenance.

PCSCHEMATIC Cablemanager keeps track of all relevant data for cables, raceways, cable glands and transits in construction projects, and keeps track of where the cables are pulled.

For any cable you can, at any time, see its cable dimensions, where the cable starts and where it is terminated, which cable raceways it runs through, which transits the cable has been pulled through, and any other relevant information about the cable.

When the cable raceways have been defined at the projecting stage, the software suggests how to route the cables, and makes it easy to decide how to dimension the raceways. Cable lengths are calculated automatically based on the coordinates of the raceways, which makes it possible to specify the exact cable lengths when ordering.

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“when we had to choose a system for our documentation and management of cables at our factories, it was easy to choose Cablemanager. The system used a terminology that we knew, and the opportunity to ensure continuous development and adaptation of the system was present, just as there is a fantastic support around the product ”.

Diana Ølsgaard, FLSmidth

Cablemanager gives you:

  • Overview over all cable raceways
  • Automatic calculation of filling level based on cable laying method
  • Warnings when raceways are overloaded
  • 3D overview over raceways and filling levels
  • Multi-user system
  • Clear approval process on all cables
  • Printing of worksheets with specific tasks
  • Calculates voltage drop & keeps track of the correction factor

Easy to see where to route new cables

For subsequent maintenance tasks, it is easy to locate the relevant cables and identify exactly which raceways they run through.

If a cable is to be replaced with a larger cable, you can easily see whether to pull the new cable through the same raceways, or whether to use different raceways in order to avoid overload issues.

Cablemanager – always updated

PCSCHEMATIC offers a Maintenance Agreement that includes software upgrades. I  addition you also get access to our unique personal support.

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