It is with extra great joy and pride that we have just released version 23 of PCSCHEMATIC Automation. We are very excited that this new version is now available in English.

Version 23 contains many major changes, and both the design and database have been restructured. In terms of design, the program has received a major “make-over”, where, among other things, the icons have been given a completely new look and the user interface has been given a design update. From our beta-testers we have received a lot of great feedback, and hope you will be as excited as they are.

One of the major changes in Automation 23 is the database structure, where it is now possible to download symbols and icons directly from the Component Portal, which makes it even easier to draw electrical diagrams with updated components with relevant data.

We have compiled a description of all the news in the new version in a PDF which you can download via this link.

Below you will find, in shorter form, the most important things you need to deal with before installation.

Automation 23 must be installed
The new version of 23 can not be updated. It needs to be installed and this will happen in a new folder so that version 22 files and structure are retained. Then projects, templates and components are continuously converted to version 23 as the need arises.

New database structure
The biggest change from version 22 to version 23 is that the database has been redesigned. Automation 23 includes a new database structure, and we have compiled a guide that will guide you through the steps you need to take for a successful conversion.

Download the guide here.

We recommend that you read this document before starting the conversion to Automation 23.

The support is ready to help you
As always, our support is ready to help you if you have any questions along the way. You can contact support on telephone +45 46760498. Please have your license number ready when you call.