In PCSCHEMATIC Automation Service you have access to all of the functions in PCSCHEMATIC Automation, that are relevant for maintenance, repair and assembly. The main limitation is that you’re not able to create or edit projects.

For maintenance, repair and assembly

In PCSCHEMATIC Automation Service you can do the following:

  • View all project pages and zoom in on any part of the diagrams
  • View Page and Project data
  • Search on project texts and find objects via the Object Lister
  • Specify layer visibility
  • Print projects
  • Export production lists for other programs / file formats
  • Export for PDF (with active links)
  • Navigate in projects using the Net Navigator
  • Navigate in projects via the placed symbols, such as jumping to other symbols for the same component
  • Follow potentials or connections over multiple pages
  • Fetch information from the attached database, including attached data sheets
  • Create personal short cuts for frequently applied functions
  • Let the Mounting Assistant guide you through the mounting process, so that it automatically highlights what to mount next

In short, you can do anything in connection with maintenance, repair and assembly in Automation Service – but you do not have the option of editing or saving projects.

Compare to Automation 40 and Automation Flex & Smart variants

In order to clarify when Automation Service is the right solution for you and your colleagues, it could be relevant to look at it in relation to the limitations in Automation 40, and in the Automation Flex and Automation Smart variants.

As long as none of the limitations are exceeded, the full functionality from Automation is available in Automation 40 as well as in the Automation Flex and Automation Smart variants. However, the following functions are only available as long as the active project stays within the limitations on the number of applied symbols, connection points and diagram/mechanical pages:

  • Printing project pages
  • Exporting production lists to other programs / file formats
  • Exporting for PDF
  • Using the Net Navigator

All of these functions are always available in Automation Service – regardless of project sizes.

The right solution for maintenance, repair and assembly

PCSCHEMATIC Automation Service is typically the right solution for maintenance and repair as well as for assembly and production workshops, and is frequently used in combination with the unlimited version of PCSCHMEATIC Automation.

If you’re not sure whether your needs in the maintenance department, or in the assembly and production workshop, are covered by PCSCHEMATIC Automation Service, please contact your local PCSCHEMATIC reseller.