In PCSCHEMATIC Automation the Mounting Assistant can guide you through the mounting process, so that it automatically highlights what to mount next.

You can specify your own guidelines for what to mount next, and you will at all times have an overview over how far you and your colleagues are in the process.

When changes in the assignment occurs, these can be added easily, so that you always maintain the overview.

The Mounting Assistant is integrated in both PCSCHEMATIC Automation and in PCSCHEMATIC Automation Service.

Brief introduction to the Mounting Assistant

A brief description of the Mounting Assistant:

  • Presents all connections in the electrical diagrams in mounting order – for instance by page, reference designation, electrical potential, component, wire color or wire number
  • Makes it easy to maintain the overview over the mounting process: Overview over and control of mounted wires and components
  • Makes it easy to filter for eg specific types of cables, hydraulic hoses or components
  • Quality control: Each action is logged with user name and time stamp
  • Makes it easy to pass on information to the professionals handling the mounting process
  • Makes it easy to share information about mounting status

If you already have PCSCHEMATIC Automation (version19 or later) in the salesversion, you can just go ahead using the Mounting Assistant. If not, you can download the free PCSCHEMATIC Automation 40 here and try using the Mounting Assistant.