Creation of V23 Component database

If you want a component database in MS Access format without contents you can download it here. Download PCSComponents (V23) You also have the option of downloading SQL build scripts that a Database administrator can use to create a new empty Component Database on e.g. SQL server. Download PCSComponents SQL Scripts (V23)

DWG/DXF module

The DWG/DXF module for PCSCHEMATIC Automation is installed automatically when you install PCSCHEMATIC Automation. However, if you do need to install the module, you can download it here: The module is installed automatically when you run the downloaded exe-file.

USB License key drivers

Download one of the the following drivers: Download Sentinel Protection Installer version 7.6.6 Download SuperPro Licens server version 7.6.6 Download guide for setting up License server for SuperPro Net license key

Translation tool for external translators

This program is an easy-to-use tool, which can be used by a person, who has the assignment to translate project texts, but do not have an installed PCSCHEMATIC Automation program on his/her PC. (Editing of pcs-txf files). Download translator tool (TXFedit.exe)

Unit drawings for LK components

With permission from LK, we have created a number of unit drawings of the series OPUS66 and FUGA. Download unit drawings (for Automation version 12 and later) Download unit drawings (for Automation version 11 and previous versions)

Create your own features in Automation (COM/OLE)

You can design your own features in PCSCHEMATIC Automation.Download the documentation for how to do it here: Please note, that the option of designing your own features (the COM/OLE Automation interface) are already integrated in PCSCHEMATIC Automation. All you need, is to get the documentation on how to use it.