PC | Cablemanager has just been released in version 6.0 and it is with a number of exciting updates and additions of new in-demand features.

Our own “top 5” among the many updates are:

  1. Import wizard which makes it easy to import already existing data. You can choose to generate templates that you can copy into or you can use a wizard where you “map” your own existing data
  2. Segments have been renamed Cableways in version 6.0, which can be divided into tracks. There can be many parallel cableways, eg three parallel hills, each containing its own track (s). The parallel Cableways use the same coordinate set, ie. that one should not ‘invent’ coordinates for each layer.
  3. When Cableways is created, the layout method is selected per. tracks, and several laying methods have been introduced. Cables can also have a default laying method in its specification.
  4. Improved report functions and data analysis: These include now possible to make a report where you can get an overview of all cables on selected Cableways in selected areas. In this way, you also have written documentation for obvious cables. In addition, there are improved options for examining data: opportunity to optimize cable routes; find evt. empty tracks in Cableways, unused cable types or congested Cableways etc.
  5. Service program – a workshop license – which gives those users who only need to see drawings the opportunity to acknowledge work performed and update cable lengths.

A description of all the updates can be found in our PDF ”PC|Cablemanager version 6.0 – update”. All the new functions are also described in the manual which you will find on the product page.

As always, support is ready to answer questions about our programs. Finally, reach out to support@pcschematic.com or phone +45 4676 0498

For further information about the program and licenses, Dorthe Larsen is available at dorthe.larsen@pcschematic.com and telephone +45 4676 0494.