Managing and routing cables

With PCSCHEMATIC Cablemanager you – and all involved parties – always have an overview over all elements in the cable framework at construction projects. During projecting, installation and subsequent maintenance.

By using Cablemanager, the client, consultant, designer, electrical installer and other relevant parties obtain a comprehensive overview of all phases of the project.

The program automatically provides a common foundation for the documentation and thereby the opportunity to optimize installations, material, and time consumption. All this forms the basis for optimization during subsequent installation expansion as well as operation and maintenance.

We are proud to present a film introducing the Cablemanager program.

Cablemanager is not just a program, it is a game changer for everyone involved in construction projects, including builders, consultants, constructors, and electrical installers. The program offers a unified platform that provides a detailed and comprehensive overview of the project in all its phases.

For each individual cable, you can, for example, always see the cable’s dimensions, where the cable starts and ends, which routing paths the cable is laid in. Data is imported directly from your 3D program (ex. Revit), your ECAD program and from your suppliers of cables and guideways.

When the routing paths are defined during the planning, the program can show the shortest routing paths for the cables and make it easy to determine the dimensions of the routing paths. Furthermore, cable lengths are calculated automatically, which makes it possible to order exactly the amount of cable that needs to be used.

With Cablemanager, you can print “pulling cards”, which enable the electrical contractor to know exactly how many meters of cable must be taken from which cable drum. It optimizes time and material consumption and thereby saves the client money.

During subsequent maintenance tasks, it is easy to find the relevant cables and identify exactly which routing paths they run through. It is just as easy to find space for extra extensions.

With PC | Cablemanager you get:

  • Control all cables and guideways
  • Automatic calculation of the degree of filling based on the selected laying method
  • Warning when a guideway is overloaded by either weight or the selected degree of filling
  • 3D overview of guideways and filling levels
  • Direct integration to Revit
  • Status of the execution of all cables
  • Printing of worksheets with specific tasks
  • Calculation of voltage drop & correction factor

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