CAD software development

At PCSCHEMATIC we have more than 20 years of experience in designing custom made CAD programs for special purposes, based on the core in the PCSCHEMATIC software.

The flexible construction of the program makes it possible for us to design new CAD applications very quickly.

Software designed for other companies

Below you can see some of the CAD programs we have developed:

+ nktdoc

NKTDOC was used for calculating / designing / documenting cable installations. The program was developed for NKTcables in cooperation with NKTcables and Hansen & Henneberg.

+ Unidoc

UNIDOC was designed for calculation of typetested switchboards. The program was developed in cooperation with ABB, Siemens, Servodan, Elpefa, Moeller Electric and Legrand.

+ Software designed for Garo

Garobuilder and GboxBuilder was designed for creating quotations for equipment of panels. The programs were developed for GARO AB in Sweden.


PCSCHEMATIC Loop generates loop drawings automatically, based on descriptions from an Oracle database. The program has been developed for Statoil in Norway, and the insight we have gained here, forms the background for the sales version of PCSCHEMATIC Loop GI.

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