Webinar - Automation

Apr. 16th, 2024: How to convert v22 projects to v23

This free webinar gives you an overview of how to convert Automation ver 22 projects to ver 23. The webinar last for one hour from 15.00 to 16.00 CET During the webinar we will guide you through: Questions are very welcome during the webinar. Sign up now!

May 2nd, 2024: PC|Automation and Panelrouter

The webinar takes place Thursday, May 2nd, 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM CET. This free webinar gives you a thorough introduction on how to use the built-in tool called Panelrouter. Panelrouter is a tool, that can help you generate ready-to-use data for a full set of wiring for your panel. During this webinar, you will…

May 28th, 2024: Marking and labelling of wires, cables and components

The webinar “Marking and labelling of wires, cables and components” takes place Tuesday, May, 28th. 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM CET. We always get a lot of questions about the rules and regulations for marking of – particularly – wires, but also cables and components are marked, the questions are Why? and How? This webinar…

Feb. 26th., 2024: PC|Automation – how to work with Reference Designations

Have you ever wondered what the characters = + and – are used for in the projects? In this free webinar, you will get the answers and get a thorough introduction on how to use reference designations in PC|Automation. Basically, you use reference designations – RDS – to structure your project according to Function (=),…

Mar. 4th, 2024: How to make templates for PC|Automation

The webinar “How to make templates for PC|Automation” takes place Monday, March 4th, 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM CET. This webinar will take you around what you need to know about creating your own templates for PCSCHEMATIC Automation. Start by creating your own drawing headers or title blocks: Design your own lists headers Finally, you…

Apr. 3rd, 2024: General introduction to PC|Automation

The webinar “General introduction to PC|Automation” takes place Wednesday, April 3rd, 15:00 PM – 16:00 PM CET. This free webinar gives you a general introduction on how to create electrical documentation projects in PCSCHEMATIC Automation: Questions are very welcome. Sign up now!