When you purchase new software, which can save you and your colleagues a lot of time, there is typically not set enough time aside to get familiar with the software.

And when you join a course, there is typically not enough time to integrate your new skills properly, when you return to your assignments.

Therefore, the flying start package focuses on your specific situation and your specific needs. We do precisely what it takes to enable you to save as much time as possible, and we make sure that you and your colleagues have exactly the necessary skills for your specific work challenges.

Primary focus on your specific needs and challenges

When you choose a flying start, we always start by interviewing you about your needs and work challenges. We look closely at the drawings that you typically draw, we clarify which output for the production – for instance for labelling – that you need to generate, and examine which other demands you have for the documentation.

We analyse how you get the maximum benefit

We then analyse how you, as quickly as possible, can get the maximum benefit from the software – starting from the moment you get an assignment, via the design phase, to the final production. When necessary, we can also guide you in how to apply the software optimally at both daily maintenance and production stops.

Your choice how much you contribute to the solution

You will always get several solutions presented to choose from, so that we respect both your financial frame and the resources that you can participate with in the process. This way you can choose how much you wish to contribute to the solution yourself.

Specialised training – based on your specific needs

As a part of the analysis, we also examine whether you could benefit from further training for you and your colleagues. This training can be particularly effective, because we can perform the training based on the specific solution for your needs, which is being implemented as a result of the package. This way, your new workflow is integrated effectively in all relevant parts of the company.

What the package can contain

A ”Flying start” package can for instance contain:

  • An analysis of your options – based on your specific situation and needs (mandatory)
  • Creation of drawing headers containing lists and company logo, company colours and project data
  • Creation of project templates, so that you get started with new projects right away and all of your projects have a similar professional appearance
  • Assistance in adapting the component database, so that it only contains the components and information that you need according to your documentation standards
  • Guidance in creating common Symbol toolbars, so that all employees use the same symbols and have instant access to the symbols/components that you use the most – preferably with attached article data
  • Specialised training based on the new possibilities
  • Time schedule for the process – including follow up meetings to ensure that you are still pleased with the solution

More advanced options

When you have more advanced needs, the package can be expanded to include for instance:

  • Assistance in creating libraries of sub drawings for quickly dragging in all of the most commonly used circuits in the documentation – with attached article data to each individual symbol in the sub drawings
  • Specialised setup for exchange of data with other software
  • Guidance in setting up automatic project generation
  • Development of specially designed modules for the software, if the analysis discovers that you have special needs. However, this is rarely necessary
  • We can also offer assistance for installation / setting up the software. This is rarely the case, and is only necessary for very specific requirements for net installations at larger companies

Training in following electrical standards

When you need to know more about the current standards for electrical documentation, and how to follow these the best using PCSCHEMATIC Automation, this can also be included in the package. We are members of the international standardisation committee for electrical documentation.

Get more information right away!

If you need to become truly effective and get a flying start with PCSCHEMATIC Automation, please contact us right away. We will then provide you with more details about your options, and give you an idea how much it will cost to get exactly the flying start that you need.