Omron, Mitsubishi and ABB have released new databases for PCSCHEMATIC Automation. Because they all wish to be at the leading edge – in simplifying the documentation task as much as possible – the PLCs in the databases have been updated, so that the powerful features in PCSCHEMATIC are being used to full extent.

Easy handling of PLCs with clear survey

In the electrical CAD software PCSCHEMATIC Automation it is easy to keep the survey of the PLCs you use. The electrical CAD software operates with survey symbols for the applied PLCs, so that you get a survey of the individual I/O nodes, their addresses and function descriptions – and you can see where you can find them in the documentation.

When you edit I/O data in the PLC survey symbol, the edited data are updated automatically in the I/O symbols. From the survey symbol you can jump directly to the I/O symbols in the project – and vice versa.

When you double-click on an I/O node in the survey symbol, you jump to the I/O node in the documentation, just as you from each individual I/O node reference can jump to the survey symbol.

Changes are transferred automatically

When you make changes in a survey symbol, these changes are automatically transferred to the I/O nodes in the diagram pages. The survey symbols gives you a clear, central and simple handling of the information carried by the PLCs. Thus it is for instance easy to see the available I/O nodes in the systems, just like it is easy to move a full I/O card to another address.

Databases with base addressed PLCs

In all of the free databases for PCSCHEMATIC Automation, the nodes for the PLCs are base addressed according to the applied numbering system. When you use a PLC card in your documentation, you can therefore easily re-address it to the actual position.

Drawings can be updated from the database

When you have a project where the diagram pages contains symbols with article numbers, which are not attached to the database, you can update these symbols via the database, so that they get all the intelligence that the database offers. Thus the component type as well as terminal numbers can now be updated according to the new database, by just applying the program function for updating from the database.

Examines whether the correct symbols are applied

The electrical CAD software PCSCHEMATIC Automation automatically examines whether you are using the standard symbols, which are specified in the database. You therefore no longer have to concentrate on whether you are using the correct symbols, because ABB, Omron and Mitsubishi have already handled this for you, by specifying the correct symbols in the database.

In principle you therefore no longer need to know which symbols to use, because this is handled for you by the new databases. You can therefore concentrate on the design, and let the program handle the rest. When you wish to use other symbols than specified by the database, this is naturally also possible.

Complete parts lists and Mechanical layouts

When using these databases, PCSCHEMATIC can automatically fill out correct parts lists (BOM) for you, which for instance keeps track of which symbols belongs to which components. Because the database also contains mechanical symbols, you can also produce e.g. mechanical layouts for service manuals, describing the positions of I/O cards in the individual units.

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