Today is a very special day at PCSCHEMATIC. After 45 years with a passion for creating software that optimizes workflows, initially in the electronics industry and later in the electrical and automation industries, Ove Larsen, co-founder of PCSCHEMATIC, is retiring deservedly.

In 1978, Ove Larsen joined forces with Janni Møller to test the idea of digitizing manual processes and improving the quality of work in the electronics industry. This simple yet ambitious goal laid the foundation for the software programs that PCSCHEMATIC represents today.

The groundbreaking software was born in modest surroundings, enabling the drawing of diagrams on the computer and subsequently transferring them directly to the printing layout process and printing lists of the used components. Ten years later, the ownership circle expanded with Werner Rossen, and that’s where the development of programs for the electrical and automation industries began.

Throughout the years, Ove has been an essential driving force behind the program’s development, always focusing on users’ needs and desires.

During this year’s recently held user meetings, Ove led, for the 34th time, the presentation of the latest version of Automation and facilitated the dialogue with our users regarding their input and wishes for the program. Ove, more than anyone, has been instrumental in making user dialogue an essential part of our DNA and a crucial element in our continued ambition to develop software that makes a difference for employees and companies.

Everyone here at the company is deeply grateful for Ove’s invaluable contributions. We will continue to cherish the culture he helped create, where the “joy of creating” drives us, and where we all take pride in swiftly turning thoughts into actions when we or our customers have a great idea to enhance our solutions.

We will miss Ove’s good spirits, sharp eye for development opportunities, and his dedication to PCSCHEMATIC. His legacy will live on in our ongoing pursuit of innovation and the development of our programs.

Thank you, Ove!