Welcome to Jan Dollerup Byrckel – our new support employee.

We are incredibly pleased to introduce our newest team member in the support department, Jan Dollerup Byrckel. Jan comes with over 30 years of experience in electrical design, PLC programming, industrial automation, and, as a result, a solid understanding of user needs. Jan has been “around” since the time when electrical drawings were first created by hand and later digitized.

Extensive Experience in Automation and a Passion for Excellent Support

In his time, Jan was instrumental in choosing Automation as the program to be used in the respective company, and he has extensive experience with the program from a user’s perspective. We are delighted to have Jan on board, as he brings substantial knowledge and experience that will benefit our users.

With a career that began with the design of electrical panels and later involvement in the control and regulation of complex systems, Jan has comprehensive knowledge of how to best address electrical issues and optimize processes in the workplace. His in-depth technical expertise and ability to understand the user’s overall needs provide Jan with the perfect foundation for delivering outstanding support that goes beyond simply answering questions.

Jan is driven by providing users with the best possible support experience and can contribute insights to improve other areas of the user’s process. His approach is that support should be more than just phone calls, and when the opportunity arises, he is happy to visit customers to establish a deeper dialogue and understanding of their overall projects. You will also have the chance to meet Jan in connection with training sessions and internal education.

A Couple of Tips to Enhance the Support Experience

With his focus on improving processes in the support department, Jan has identified a few areas where users themselves can contribute to optimizing the support experience:
When contacting support via email, attaching screenshots or screen recordings of the issue they are inquiring about will enable support to guide to a solution more quickly and efficiently. The subject line in emails should also be descriptive of the nature of the problem to make it easier to understand and assist.

We hope you will join us in giving Jan a warm welcome

We are excited about Jan’s approach to support and his ability to create a positive and constructive dialogue with our customers. Jan will be participating in our user meetings in Randers, Denmark on November 8th and 9th, so if you are attending, it’s an excellent opportunity to say hello.