Version 7.0 of Cablemanager has just been released and it comes with a number of new features that make it easier to create an overview of cables and drums.

It is thus now possible to create cable drums in your projects and assign cables to these. This allows you to get a clear overview of the consumption of cable on the created drums – both on the planned and performed work. When pulling cards are generated, it is marked which drum the cable is to be taken from, which makes it possible to optimize consumption and reduce waste.

The 3D-view function has also been expanded, so you now have access to more Cableway functions. Among other things, new routers are created directly in the 3D viewer and you can see individual cables in the 3D view. A ‘horizon’ has been added to the 3D viewer which makes it more intuitive to follow your project as it is rotated.

Read more about the changes in version 7.0 and download the latest version here