Create your own functions in Automation

By Thor Vegge

You can now create your own functions/modules for PCSCHEMATIC Automation. This is because we have released the a COM/OLE Automation programming interface for PCSCHEMATIC Automation. Please note, that some programming skills are required to use the interface.

Many of the functions that you find under "Tools" in PCSCHEMATIC Automation, have already been created using the COM/OLE Automation interface for PCSCHEMATIC Automation. This is because we have been using the interface ourselves for several years.

This means that you now, free of charge, get access one of the programming tools, that our own software developers have access to when developing the software.

Create your own functions

If you have special demands to our software, this now means that you now can create exactly the functions you need. This ensures you, that you can adapt the software just the way you want.

If you do not have the necessary programming skills, it is also possible to make other developers create the needed functions/modules for you.

About support and forum

The COM/OLE interface is an extra offer to all PCSCHEMATIC Automation users. Our support staff do not give support on the COM/OLE interface, which is not included in our maintenance agreement.

However, if you do have general questions about the interface, you can post the question at our PCSCHEMATIC API forum. Here you can exchange experiences with others about using the COM/OLE Automation interface, and maybe find someone with interest in developing the same functions as yourself. We monitor the forum regularily, and answer the questions, that we find relevant.

An international forum

The PCSCHEMATIC API forum is placed at the English part of the PCSCHEMATIC forum, which makes it possible for you to exchange experiences with users in different countries.

Download the documentation from here