Are you tired of drawing and updating loop diagrams manually? With PCSCHEMATIC Loop GI you can save loads of time.

Loop GI can be used anywhere in the process industry. The software can be used for design, construction and maintenance, because Loop GI generates the diagrams automatically.

Loop GI – many advantages

  • All loop diagrams are always generated based on the most recent data
  • The diagrams are updated extremely fast (so fast that it takes longer to find the old drawing)
  • Data can be fetched from Excel files (only requires information about from- and to-terminal)
  • Loop GI can also be used in the design phase
  • Loop GI can be set up to fetch data from your own database
    (This requires an adapted version of the software. Contact us for further information)

It is so simple to use Loop GI

  • Select the signal tags that you wish to generate loop diagrams for
  • Click once
  • PCSCHEMATIC Loop GI draws the loop diagrams

Expertise from Norwegian production plants

PCSCHEMATIC developed Loop GI after more than twelve years of developing software for documentation and maintenance of instrumentation information for Norwegian production plants.