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You have pretty much completed everything, even before you begin. In the electrical CAD software PCSCHEMATIC Automation, you merely have to drag partial diagrams and modules into your project. And then the documentation is ready. With electrical circuit diagrams, PLC diagrams and filled-in lists of any kind. But you can also draw the electrical diagrams yourself, if you wish to.

The Automation CAD software is created so that you just focus on the electrical design, and let the software handle the practical details.

You get started right away, strongly supported by all the specially designed functions for automation, electrical installation, hydraulics and pneumatics. This makes it easy for you to apply your professional competences.

With Automation, you achieve an efficiency which commands respect. Because you need only do things once:

  • Once you have drawn a partial electrical circuit, you can drag it into each subsequent project
  • Once you have set up partial or whole electrical projects, they can also be dragged in
  • Thus you can create entire projects by merely dragging in partial drawings etc

This intelligent recycling makes you more efficient. At the same time, the electrical CAD allows you to create a uniform documentation that follows your company’s – or your customer’s – guidelines.

When you choose PC | Automation, all the functions are available, regardless of which variant you want. All variants of the program have full functionality and contain all available modules.

Read more about the modules in our “All modules included” PDF.

PC | Automation variants

All functions mentioned below are available in all variants of Automation. They are available in Automation Advanced, Smart, Flex and in the free Automation 40. You don’t need to purchase the expensive variants of the software to get all functionality you need and you can always upscale to a bigger variant

Automation AdvancedUnlimited Buy
Automation Smart 40Limited to 40 diagram/mechanical (except BOM, Lists etc) pages. Unlimited number of symbols Buy
Automation Smart 20Limited to 20 diagram/mechanical (except BOM, Lists etc) pages. Unlimited number of symbols Buy
Automation Flex 350Limited to 350 electrical symbols but unlimited number of pages Buy
Automation Flex 150Limited to 150 electrical symbols but unlimited number of pages Buy
Automation Demo Limited to to 25 electrical symbols and 10 diagram/mechanical pages FREE download

PC | Automation feature list

Overview and navigation
Reference designations, templates, subdrawings, project generation …
Databases, components and symbols
Drawing functions in the electrical CAD software
Drawing headers, lists and import/export
PLC features in the electrical CAD software
House installation
Revision control, passwords, text translator, OLE objects and applications
For Netversions only

Automation – always updated

PCSCHEMATIC offers a Maintenance Agreement that includes software upgrades. I  addition you also get access to our unique personal support.

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