Feature list

Below you can see some of the availbale features in the different versions of PCSCHEMATIC Powerdistribution. (Download free version).

There are four versions of PCSCHEMATIC Powerdistribution:

  • Advanced: Contains all functions listed below
  • Basic: Contains all functions listed below, exept the functions listed under "Advanced version only"
  • Service: Contains all print and search functions ("read-only" version)
  • Free: Contains all functions listed below, but can only contain 40 symbols in each project, and can only attach two documents to each symbol

Click on an item in the list to get more information:

+ Basic functions
  • Symbol palettes with applied symbols
  • Design your own symbol palettes
  • Create your own project data
  • Create your own data, calculation and information fields
  • Functions for copying, moving and deleting
  • Mathematical functions
  • Attached component database
  • Intelligent handling of reference designations (IEC/EN ISO 61346/81346)
  • Create and edit passwords
  • Designcheck

+ Overview and search functions
  • Quick overview over symbols in the Distribution window
  • Search functions - simple and advanced

+ Attaching documents and comments
  • Attach documents to components
  • Attach comments to components
  • Open attached documents and comments

+ Printing and import/export
  • Print projects, symbols and symbol palettes
  • Print parts and components lists
  • Export lists to Microsoft Excel
  • Dynamic import of data

+ "Advanced version" only
  • Relation lists
  • Automatic generation of PC|SCHEMATIC Automation projects
  • Automatic level and date alarms
  • Define your own level and date alarms
  • Specify settings for dynamic import of data
  • Automatic definition of datafields when importing data