Electrical CAD software videos

To give you a visual idea what's it all about, this page contains free product videos for our electrical CAD software program PCSCHEMATIC Automation.

The videos below are not fancy sales videos. Instead we prefer showing you the program in action, so that you can judge for yourself. To watch the product videos, you must have installed the Macromedia Flash Player (free version).

Please note that it might take a little time before the videos start.

Other options:

my first project - motor control

Learn how to create your first motor control project:

My first project - PLC

Learn how to work with PLCs in PCSCHEMATIC Automation:

My first project - House installation

Learn how to create a house installation project in PCSCHEMATIC Automation:

Large projects

Large projects, reference designations and multiple users

Tips and tricks for working with larger projects:

  • Importing reference designations from Excel
  • Navigating in projects - reference designations and cross references
  • Renaming objects
  • Navigation between multiple projects
  • Merging projects

Watch video [14 MB].

Basic concepts

All parts of the electrical documentation in one file

See how easy it is to manitain the overview of all parts of your electrical documentation:

  • Tables of contents
  • Chapters
  • Diagram pages
  • Mechanical layouts
  • Automatically updated lists
  • Automatically generated graphical cable, connection and terminal lists
  • See also how easy you can find symbols in projects - for instance all symbols for a component

Watch video [2.2 MB].

On-line updated references and contact mirrors

  • See how the program creates references automatically between e.g. all symbols for a component
  • See how to use contact mirrors

Watch video [2.5 MB].

Working with symbols & Copying

Basic symbol functions

See how to:

  • Place symbols from the Pickmenu and from the Symbol menu
  • Draw lines manually and automatically
  • Copy symbols and areas
  • Replace symbols
  • Align symbols

Watch video [2.4 MB].

Placing symbols with Article data

  • See how easy it is to place symbols with attached article data - fetched from the database
  • See how the program keeps track of unused symbols for the applied symbols in the project

Watch video [2.4 MB].

Copying areas and pages with intelligent renaming

See how to:

  • Copy areas
  • Copy pages in projects
  • Copy pages from one project to another
  • How the program intelligently renames the symbols in the copied areas and pages (optional)

Watch video [2.4 MB].


Basic PLC references

See how to:

  • Use PLC reference symbols
  • How to jump from the reference symbols to the diagram symbols for the PLC - and back
  • Edit PLC data
  • Update PLC lists

Watch video [1.6 MB].

Simatic ET200S PLC: From configuration tool to PCSCHEMATIC

When you use the Simatic ET 200S configuration tool, PLC symbols and article data can be transferred to PCSCHEMATIC Automation automatically. In the video, you can see this:

  • Configure the Simatic ET200S PLC in the ET200S configuration tool
  • Export a parts list from and import the parts list in PCSCHEMATIC Automation
  • In PCSCHEMATIC: A window opens - with all selected components in the PLC
  • Click on a component in the window, and a new window with all symbols for the PLC opens
  • Place the symbols for the components in the schematic diagrams
  • Article data are attached to PLC's and accessories automatically
  • All lists in PCSCHEMATIC Automation can therefore be updated with PLC data automatically

Watch video [Series of 3 videos].

Intelligent project generation - Save time!

Drag'n Draw: Creating projects using modules

See how easy it is to:

  • Create electrical documentation by just dragging pages and subdrawings into your project
  • Update the project lists with article data from the subdrawings

Watch video [1.3 MB].

Drag'n Draw: Using subdrawings with different sets of model data

See how to:

  • Use subdrawings with model data, so that you can use the same subdrawing with different sets of model data
  • How to start a new project by opening a project template

Watch video [1.2 MB].

Creating subdrawings by copying from diagram pages

See how to:

  • Create subdrawings based on already created diagram pages
  • Drag the subdrawings into your projects

Watch video [0.8MB].

Automatic project generation

See how to generate projects automatically based on a project definition file.
Watch video [1.0MB].

Graphical plans

Automatic generation of graphical terminal, cable and connection plans

  • See how to generate graphical terminal, cable and connection plans automatically
  • These plans can also be updated automatically

Watch video [1.6MB].

Mechanical symbols

Mechanical symbols and measurement objects

  • The databases for PCSCHEMATIC Automation also contains mechanical symbols for the components
  • When you have placed the electrical symbols in your diagrams, the program can therefore automatically fetch the mechanical symbols for your mechanical layouts
  • On the mechanical layout pages, you can also place intelligent measurement objects

Watch video [5.2 MB]. (10 minutes video)