PCSCHEMATIC Automation material


At PCSCHEMATIC we can boast of an excellent in-house support team, where you'll find yourself in the safe hands of Niels, Ole and Lars.

Our support staff has much experience in guiding you through the possibilities in our Automation software as easily as possible.

When you get support from us, you can give our support staff access to see what happens on your screen. This makes it much easier to communicate about exactly what you need support for.

+ Contact our support staff

Send an e-mail to our support staff:
You can also contact our support staff directly by phoning +45 4676 0498.

+ Use TeamViewer QuickSupport - and show us what happens on your screen

When you give our support staff the permission, they can also remote control your PC, and show you exactly what to do in any given situation. To make this possible you must:

  • Get a appointment with Niels, Ole or Lars to ensure that you can get support now
  • Download TeamViewer QuickSupport here
  • Execute the downloaded file
  • TeamViewer QuickSupport now gives you two codes: "Your ID" and "Password"
  • Give these codes to Niels, Ole or Lars and you can get support via the TeamViewer

Read more about TeamViewer here.

+ Suggestions for coming versions

Fill out an application form with suggestions for the coming versions of: