Contact PCSCHEMATIC Denmark

When you need to contact us, please send an e-mail to one of the e-mail addresses below or use our contact formula.

Our address is:

Gammel Marbjergvej 15
4000 Roskilde

Our VAT number is: DK 8760 9618

You can contact us workdays between 8.30 and 16.00 (CET / GMT+1) at
+45 4678 8244. Fridays between 8.30 and 15.30.
You can find us on the map here

Further contact information:

+ Information about PCSCHEMATIC Automation

For more information about PCSCHEMATIC Automation, or other PCSCHEMATIC software, please contact us via our contact formula.


For questions about support, please send an e-mail to
- You can also contact our support department at +45 4676 0498.

+ Webinars

Please click here to join a webinar about PCSCHEMATIC Automation.
For requests for custom made webinars, please send us an email at

+ For technical schools/universities

If you are a teacher at a technical school/university, you can order educational versions and other material by sending an e-mail to - If you are a teacher, you can also send questions about teaching to

If you are a student at a technical school, please contact your teacher to get the educational system - or send an email to (Please write the name of your country and your technical school).

+ Questions about designing databases (for component manufacturers)

If you have any questions about designing component databases, please send an e-mail to

+ Website / Webmaster

If you experience difficulties on our website, please send an e-mail to