Loop GI - Automatic generation of loop diagrams

PCSCHEMATIC Loop GI generates loop diagrams in seconds. Just make sure that your data are correct, and let PCSCHEMATIC Loop GI handle the rest. All you need to do, is to click a few times.

If you’re tired of wasting time drawing and updating loop diagrams manually, you should consider letting PCSCHEMATIC Loop GI do this for you in the simplest way possible:

  • Select the signal tags that you wish to generate loop diagrams for
  • Click once
  • PCSCHEMATIC Loop GI draws the loop diagrams

Data can be fetched from an Excel file, or directly from your own database. The only data required to generate the diagrams, are the to and from information for the terminals. Therefore, loop diagrams can be generated already in the projecting phase of a project.

Loop diagrams - always with the latest updated data

One benefit from using this software, is that your loop diagrams are always generated from the latest updated data. Another benefit is, that it is much faster just to generate a new diagram, than to start looking for the old one.

Loop diagrams generated directly from your own database

PCSCHEMATIC Loop GI can also be set to fetch data directly from your own database. You then just need to click a few times to generate the desired loop diagrams.

PCSCHEMATIC Loop GI can for instance fetch data from the IFS engineering database, from Statoils technical information database (STID), and from other Oracle databases. Data can also be fetched from for instance Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL server.

For use anywhere in the process industry

The software can be used anywhere in the process industry, where there is a need to generate loop diagrams. It can be used for both design, construction and maintenance, due to the fact that the loop diagrams are generated automatically.

Expertise from Norwegian production plants

PCSCHEMATIC Loop GI was introduced in year 2010. The expertise from the preceding twelve years of developing software for documentation and maintenance of instrumentation information for Norwegian production plants, enabled PCSCHEMATIC to create the PCSCHEMATIC Loop GI software.

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