Electrical CAD feature list

The electrical CAD program features in the list below applies for all versions of our electrical CAD software PCSCHEMATIC Automation.

This means that you do not need to buy the most expensive versions of our electrical CAD software to get full functionality!

The only limitations in the economy variants of PCSCHEMATIC Automation are in the size of the electrical designs you can create and in the allowed number of electrical symbols and electrical connection points in the electrical diagrams.

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Features Automation variants
40 Flex Smart Advanced
Maximum number of diagram and mechanical pages (No limits on other page types)
10 Unlimited 20 or 40 Unlimited
Maximum number of symbols
40 150 or 350 Unlimited Unlimited
Overview and navigation
Project oriented: All parts of a project gathered as pages in a single file - including diagrams, mechanical pages, lists, tables of contents, chapter dividers etc.
Enhanced Explorer window: For easy navigation between projects and project pages, and for finding symbols etc. in project pages
Net navigator for easy navigation through electrical potentials
Cross references are created and updated automatically for all types of components: Click and jump between the symbols for a component, or click in lists and jump directly to the component
Object Lister for overview over all objects in the documentation - and for editing their attached texts/data. (Texts can also be edited by clicking on the individual texts in the project pages)
Show available window: Easy access to all components with unused symbols/functions
Reference designations, templates, subdrawings, project generation ...
Creation and handling of reference designations at component, area, page and project level (function, location and product aspects) - according to IEC 81346, KKS or user defined standards
Reference designations handled intelligently when changing, copying and merging pages and projects
Project, page and list templates - just drag them into your projects
Subdrawings / subdiagrams with attached article data - just drag them into your projects. Possible to select different sets of model data for each individual sub drawing
Module and Model Based Drag’n Draw: Create full projects just by dragging in pages, sub drawings, lists and sub projects
Automatic project generation via project definition file - e.g. via Excel (”Autodiagramming”)
Automatic project generation based on selected options
Panel router for automatic routing in conduits
Mounting assistant for overview over and control of mounted components and wires
Databases, components and symbols
48 component manufacturer databases created designed specially for PCSCHEMATIC. All components have attached both electrical and mechanical symbols
Component wizard for quick and effective creation of own components with attached symbols
Unique timesaving database workflow: Symbol pickmenus for all multi-function components in the database - just click and place the symbols in the diagrams and article data are attached automatically
Advanced copying: All symbols and their reference designations are renamed intelligently - e.g. when copying symbols and areas, or when inserting subdrawings, subprojects and projects. Attached article data are included when copying
Rename symbols and Insert name at project level
Automatic load of mechanical symbols for the components used - handled by the database
Easy search for / editing of data for symbols and components
Automatic documentation of symbol libraries and applied symbols in projects
Comprehensive IEC 60617 symbol libraries
Design your own symbols as well as Symbol generator for quick generation of simple symbols
PCSCHEMATIC Database program Included for handling component data in e.g. Access
ODBC and MDAC interface for communication with database systems
Drawing functions in the electrical CAD software
Easy to get familiar with the program - and easy to create and maintain documentation
Reuse existing documentation intelligently
Automatic naming of all types of symbols
Handling of subnames on symbols - including individual references
Automatic naming and update of symbol names according to current path numbers possible
Reference crosses or contact mirrors with cross references - click and jump to the individual symbols for the component
Replace symbol function: On project or page level, and for individual symbols
Handling of multi-layer terminals - electrically, mechanically and in lists
Mounting correct drawing supported - with option to display in “dot” drawing mode
Counting functions in numerous numbering systems
Single-line and multi-line diagram features
Lines are closed automatically when symbols are deleted
Router: Automatic drawing of connecting lines - for instance when placing symbols
Aligning, spacing and trimming functions
Handling of jumper links and busbars
Automatic wire numbering function
Design check
Single-key keyboard short cuts - define them easily
Drawing headers, lists and import/export
Automatic list update: Of tables of contents, parts lists (BOM), component lists, terminal lists, cable lists, connection lists, labels and PLC lists. Any of these lists can be defined freely by you
Excel/XML/text files can be exported for all of the mentioned list types
Export of wire numbers
Drawing headers for any type of project page can be defined freely - and can be replaced on project level
Automatic generation of graphical terminal, cable and connection plans
Print labels via Excel or via e.g. CLIP PROJECT Marking or M-Print PRO
Export of PDF files containing active links in the documentation
PLC features in the electrical CAD software
Automatic PLC I/O addressing
Automatically updated cross references between PLC symbols
Import/export PLC I/O files to/from diagrams - e.g. via spreadsheet/Microsoft Excel
Open for integration with PLC configuration tools - e.g. Simatic TIA configurator
House installation
Import/export of DWG/DXF files (Member of Open Design Alliance)
Drawing with elevation displayed in 2D or isometrically
Unit drawings
Pages for mechanical layouts and ground plan drawings as well as drawing in layers
Measurement objects
Design a panel, and the panel layout is generated automatically
Single line diagrams are drawn automatically based on the panel design
Document small switchboards and panels according to EN61439-1 and 3 concerning power dissipation calculation and more
Revision control, passwords, text translator, OLE objects and applications
Revision control and revision clouds
Password protection of projects
Translation of texts on project pages
Insert OLE objects and images
For Netversions only
Flexible sharing of net licenses and licensea borrowing
Administrator control