Feature list

PCSCHEMATIC Tele exists in four different versioner. All functions listed below are available in all versions of the programme.

You do not need to purchase expensive versions of the programme, to get the functionality you need. The only limitation is the size of the projects you can create.

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+ Basic functions
  • Graphical overview of the entire installation - directly on your pc
  • For both projecting, maintenance and operations
  • Keeps track of local numbers, terminals, distribution frames, main distribution frames, cables, patchings and plugs
  • Keeps track of which users are connected to which local numbers/plugs
  • Create equipment: Distribution frames, crosspanels, patchpanels, cables and terminals
  • Connect the equipment using the graphical interface
  • Get a quick overview over which equipment is used - e.g. for available lines and plugs
  • Graphical view of all connections
  • Graphical view of the entire installation - with connections
  • Attach revision information to equipment

+ Attaching documents and comments
  • Attach documents to the equipment
  • Attach comments to the equipment
  • Open attached documents and comments

+ Reports
  • Graphical route reports
  • Graphical crossfield reports
  • Graphical patchpanel reports
  • Graphical cable reports
  • Local number reports
  • Report of changes
  • All reports are interactive
  • You can therefore create/delete connections directly in the reports
  • You can therefore create graphical route descriptions by double-clicking on any item in a report
  • Reports can be saved in Excel and PDF format

+ Import/Export
  • Import of full racks
  • All non-graphical exports can be exported to Excel

+ Multi-user system
  • Mulit-user system: Several people can work on a project at the same time
  • All information is placed in a central database
  • All users of the programme are therefore always updated with the most recent changes
  • Any piece of information is placed in the central database only - therefore you do not have to update information more than once
  • Create and edit passwords