PCB layout

Our PCB layout department, DpS CAD-center, is a highly efficient service agency for larger and smaller companies in Denmark and abroad.

Our leading PCB layouter, Kurt, layout all types of printed circuit boards, eg. smd and leaded, for various purposes like spacecraft and hearing aids. He has detailed experience in EMC-correct print design, and in complex prints with Blind, Buried and MicroVias. He is also experienced in ECL, SPACE and POWER print.

Kurt has many years of experience, and has a comprehensive knowledge of electronics and PCB production.

Input data can be received from all types of systems, and output are delivered to pick&place and in-circuit test. Layout can be produced with IPL, OrCAD and Allegro.

Normally, Kurt handles communication with customers over the Internet, but you are more than welcome to visit us, and participate in the critical part of the PCB layout.

Contact the PCB layout department

Send an e-mail to Kurt at or call +45 4676 0493.