CABLEMANAGER - Managing and routing cables

PCSCHEMATIC Cablemanager keeps track of cables and raceways in construction projects. The software enables all involved contractors to keep the overview of their specific cabling assignments, during both the design phase and the subsequent maintenance.

PCSCHEMATIC Cablemanager makes it easy to keep track of all elements in the cable framework at construction projects - for project leaders, contractors and subcontractors.

Keeps track of all cable and raceway data

PCSCHEMATIC Cablemanager keeps track of all relevant data for cables, raceways, cable glands and transits in construction projects, and keeps track of where the cables are pulled. For any cable you can, at any time, see its cable dimensions, where the cable starts and where it is terminated, which raceways the cable runs through, which transits the cable has been pulled through, and any other relevant information about the cable.

Suggests how to route the cables - when projecting or performing maintenance

When the raceways have been defined at the projecting stage, the software suggests how to route the cables, and makes it easy to decide how to dimension the raceways.
The software keeps track of all raceways, and automatically issues a warning, when the capacity of a raceway would become overloaded, if new cables were routed through it.
Participating subcontractors can see their specific part of the project at any time. They only need to relate to what is relevant to their exact tasks, and can always keep track of the cables relevant to their assignments.
When performing maintenance tasks, the software specifies the options for routing new cables. Cable lengths are calculated automatically.

Overview over cable status = Better communication between contractors

To ease the communication between the involved parties, cables are always assigned a status - such as created, routed, pulled, terminated or approved. This makes it easy for all parties to keep the overview. Both for the projecting engineers, for the cable pulling teams, and for the electricians connecting the cables.

Expertise from Norwegian production plants

PCSCHEMATIC Cablemanager has been developed based on the expertise achieved by the PCSCHEMATIC software developers during the recent twelve years of development of software for Statoils oil and gas production.

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