Download component database for PC|SCHEMATIC

For all UK versions of PC|SCHEMATIC Automation, you can download a free component database containing intelligent electrical and mechanical symbols for the components - as well as article data.

When you place symbols from these databases in the diagrams, the article data is attached to the symbols automatically. Lists can therefore be filled out automatically in PC|SCHEMATIC Automation.

PC|SCHEMATIC UK component database - free of charge

This PC|SCHEMATIC Component Database contains 44.517 components from 51 manufacturers. Each record contains electrical and mechanical symbols - as well as article data for the component.

The manufacturers in the PC|SCHEMATIC component database

The manufacturers in the database are: ABB, AEG, Allen-Bradley, Beckhoff Automation GmbH, Benedict GmbH, Benedikt & Jäger, Bihl+Wiedemann GmbH, Brodersen, Carlo Gavazzi, Contrinex, Crevis, Danfoss, Dehn, Duelco, Elan, ETA, F&G, Falcom, G&L Beijer Electronics AB, GE Redline, Hager, I/S Danlaser, IC Electronic, Idec Izumi, Legrand, Lovato, Mitsubishi, MJK Automation, Moeller Electric, NKT Cables, Omron Electronics, Opto 22, Phoenix Contact, Pilz Scandinavia, Rose Systemtechnik, Schneider Electric, Schrack, Schupa, Servodan, Sick AG, Siemens, Solar, Spelsberg, Sunx, Tesch GmbH, Theben, Wago, Weber, Weidmüller and Wieland Electric GmbH.

Click on the item in the list below to download the database:

+ Download PC|SCHEMATIC component database (February 2015 version)

The database reqiures Automation version 16 or later. - The database can be used free of charge, and can also be used with the free version PC|SCHEMATIC Automation 40.